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Customer’s Opportunities to Participate and Contribute

​Promoting the status, and improving participation and contribution possibilities of patients/customers in health care have a strong legal background, which will even increase due to the social and health care services reform and freedom of choice.

The views of the service users will be emphasized even further as the region prepares the service promise, the co-operation agreement between regions, and the co-operation area’s suggestion to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for the nationwide goals. The potential participation and contribution methods of patients/customers must also be in use in hospital districts.

Also, the Act on the Status and Rights of the Patient demands that patient opinions are heard. Giving feedback offers the patients/customers one method to participate and contribute to the development of the services they receive.

Experts by experience
and customer panels have become a part of the planning, development and evaluation of hospital services. The patients and customers have the possibility to participate and influence, among others, the planning, preparations, development, and evaluation of services.

The opportunities of patients/customers to contribute are developed as part of HUS’s breakthrough project Patient as an active participant and contributor.

Participation models have also been developed via regional experiments. This work is part of the government’s key project Palvelut asiakaslähtöisiksi.

For more information please see this announcement by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (in Finnish)  Miten rakennetaan osallistava toimintakulttuuri? Asukkaat ja asiakkaat mukaan palvelujen kehittämiseen.