My Kanta - The Patient Data Repository


Patient documents produced by HUS are being transferred into a national archive. The Patient Data Repository is a service into which units of health care save patient data from their own data systems in a data secure manner  My Kanta is a service which allows each citizen over the age of 18 to see his or her personal patient data. The Patient Data Repository and My Kanta are part of the National Archive of Health Information, the Kanta services, which also includes the electronic prescription system.
Citizens benefit from the national service as they move about in different parts of the country or when they use the services of more than one health care service provider. Patient information is accessible through the Patient Data Repository in operating units of health care that need the information for patient care.

What benefits do do the Patient Data Repository bring?

  • It is possible to take advantage of earlier research results, thereby averting unnecessary medical procedures.
  • The flow of information improves.
  • It is easy to keep tabs on one's own health information through My Kanta.
  • The usability of patient information boosts the patients' possibilities to choose their care units.
  • It enables functioning chains of care among all operating units.
  • The patient him, or herself is able to influence who uses the patient data.
  • Up-to-date information enhances patient security.
  • The data is safe: the transfer of information is protected, professionals are identified with a certification card, and the log data is monitored.

What is the My Kanta service?

  • My Kanta ( is a personal service. Login takes place using a bank log-in, an electronic ID card, or mobile certificate. The My Kanta service can be used by every adult with a Finnish ID number.


  • My Kanta allows the user to see information on matters such as documentation related to out-patient visits. Information on in-patient treatment includes interim and final evaluation texts covering the period of care. My Data also shows diagnoses, procedures, critical risk information, medication information, and prescriptions.


  • In the service it is possible to mark information contained in the Patient Data Repository and to give consent and impose prohibitions on the use of one's own data in different health care units.

In May 2015 the My Kanta service will start to include information on x-ray examination results, and in the autumn of 2015 results of laboratory examinations will become available.

Kanta services are being developed further, and new functions will later be added to the My Kanta service. Further information is available at