Apotti implementation in Peijas Hospital

The new Apotti patient information system will be implemented in Peijas Hospital between 9 November and 11 November 2018. The system is used to store and maintain customer or patient records and the information they contain.

Peijas Hospital serves its customers as usual also during the implementation period. Implementing the new patient information system is a great challenge for our staff. At the initial stage, getting accustomed to using Apotti may slow processing times. We will do our very best in this situation. Matters will be dealt with in priority order and patient safety will be secured.

Thank you for your patience!

Medical Helpline instructs emergency patients

We ask that patients in need of emergency treatment call the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117. Health care professionals answer the phone and are able to assess if the patient needs treatment at the emergency clinic.

The Medical Helpline 116 117 also provides information about the current queue situation in the emergency clinic. If the Peijas Hospital emergency clinic is experiencing overcrowding, emergency patients may be directed to go to other hospitals where the wait time is shorter.

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