Visiting a hospital

As a rule, patients are allowed to have visitors. The ward in question will provide information on visiting hours and specific visiting rules.  Visitors should contact the ward staff in advance to discuss the ward policy relating to any gifts.

Visitors should not visit the patient if they themselves are ill or intoxicated.

Patients need rest. Since there is limited space for each patient in a room, other patients’ privacy should be respected. Some wards may limit family visits to a minimum. If the patient has an extensive family, it is advisable to select one contact person to stay in touch with the care personnel who can then inform the rest of the family of the patient’s condition.

Patients can also receive phone calls. Some wards have phones for each patient while others have one phone per room. In some wards, calls are directed to the office and ward staff will forward calls to patients. Some patients may be unwilling or too tired to receive phone calls.