Instructions for visitors

HUS has limited visitation at its hospitals and other facilities due to the coronavirus epidemic.

HUS hospitals and units will allow patients’ immediate family members to visit from June 19 onwards with the following conditions:

  • A maximum of 2 visitors at a time
  • Recommended visit duration is 15 minutes
  • Visitors must wear a surgical face mask provided by the care unit
  • Visitors must use hand disinfectant when they enter and leave the hospital, a ward, or a patient room
  • Visitors must be free of any symptoms of a respiratory infection
  • The visit must be arranged beforehand with the care unit


The visitation restrictions in place at maternity and pediatric wards will remain unchanged.

If a patient requires assistance to attend their appointment, the assistant is allowed to stay with the patient for the entire appointment (emergency departments and outpatient clinics). The assistant must not have symptoms of a respiratory infection. The assistant is required to wear a surgical face mask.

Visiting a critically ill patient or a patient in hospice care needs to be arranged with the care unit. In these cases, more guests and longer visits can be permitted at the unit's discretion.

All other visitation is still prohibited until further notice.