Instructions for patients​

Important instructions for us all:

1.    Wash your hands, cough, and sneeze properly. 
Please see more detailed information (

2. If you have even the slightest symptoms, do not go to work, school, or daycare. Do not visit anyone if you are ill, especially people who have a primary illness, or the elderly.
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     3. Do not overburden the emergency departments or the Medical Helpline 116 117 with non-urgent issues. You can call the Medical Helpline 116 117 outside office hours before you seek help from an emergency department, or if you suspect having contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19) and you cannot cope with home remedies alone. Here you can check where to find help in various situations.
People with primary illnesses should exercise caution

HUS recommends that anyone with a primary illness should avoid mass gatherings whenever possible and cancel meetings and appointments that are not absolutely necessary. 

Reschedule any appointments if you have symptoms
It is extremely important that patients do not attend their scheduled appointments or procedures if they have any symptoms of an infection. If you are ill and need to reschedule your appointment, contact the outpatient clinic directly. You will find the contact information in your appointment letter or on the clinic’s website. If necessary, you can also call HUS’s telephone exchange 09 4711 for the contact information.
Outpatient clinics may reschedule appointments
Non-urgent procedures and appointments may need to be rescheduled to a later date. We will contact the affected patients directly. If you have an upcoming scheduled appointment, procedure, or an inpatient period at HUS, please answer any calls coming from an unknown number.​