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Treatment of internal medicine disorders

  • internal medicine

The specialty of internal medicine covers the examination, diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the internal organs as well as metabolic disorders.

Kuvituskuva: hoitaja kohtaa potilaan

We treat internal medicine patients at the Haartman, Malmi, Jorvi, and Peijas Hospitals. Meilahti Hospital also has a consultative internal medicine unit, which provides consultation support to other specialties. 


Appointment Clinic for Cardiology, Haartman Hospital

At the Appointment Clinic for Cardiology at Haartman Hospital, we treat patients on the Internal Medicine Wards and the Emergency Ward.

Espoo Diabetes Center, Jorvi Hospital

At the Espoo Diabetes Center, we are responsible for the treatment of type 1 (juvenile-onset diabetes) diabetics in Espoo.

Inpatient Ward for Internal medicine 4A, Lohja Hospital

In Inpatient Ward for Internal medicine 4A at Lohja Hospital, we treat patients with myocardial infarction, cardiac insufficiency and arrhythmias in a…

Inpatient Ward for Specialized Healthcare, Raseborg Hospital

The Inpatient Ward for Specialized Healthcare is located at Raseborg Hospital.