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Support for cancer treatment

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We offer a wide range of support services. In addition to medical care, people with cancer require other support and rehabilitation in the difficult situations they face.

Potilas saa keskusteluapua.


OLKA activities, Department of Oncology

OLKA® refers to coordinated organization and volunteering activity at hospitals. Our purpose is to offer patients and their loved ones unhurried encounters…

Palliative Center, Meilahti

At the Palliative Care Center, we provide support and treatment for patients in Uusimaa suffering from cancer or other chronic illnesses that impair their…

Palliative Care Center, Lohja Hospital

Palliative Care Center at Lohja Hospital

Outpatient clinic for specialty pharmaceuticals and home hospital (SAH), Raseborg Hospital

At Raseborg’s Outpatient clinic for specialty pharmaceuticals and home hospital, we care for hospital patients in their own homes, primarily patients with…


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