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Rare diseases

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At HUS, we identify and treat rare diseases.

röntgenhoitaja hymyilee potilaalle

We cooperate on a national and international level in the treatment of rare diseases. We use consultations to find out suitable forms of treatment and rehabilitation, and methods for alleviating symptoms. We treat rare diseases in several medical specialties. Treatment can take place in multiple units especially in cases where the disease affects multiple organs (e.g. common in syndromes, which is what many rare diseases are).

Several rare diseases are diagnosed in childhood, and the majority of rare diseases are genetic and often also hereditary. 

Rare disease refers to a variety of long-term illnesses that have only been observed in very few people. Approximately 8,000 rare diseases are known to exist. It is estimated that approximately 300,000 Finns (6% of the population) have a rare disease, injury, syndrome, or deformity.


Rare Diseases Center, New Children's Hospital

In the HUS Rare Diseases Center, we promote the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of rare diseases.


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