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Radiation therapy

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We are responsible for radiation therapy services in the Uusimaa region. We are Finland’s largest radiation therapy unit and offer the country’s widest range of treatments.

Hoitaja valmistelee potilasta sädehoitoa varten.

We provide  

  • appropriate image-guided external beam radiation therapy using a variety of methods (intensity-modulated, static field, Rapid arc / VMAT) 
  • external beam radiation therapy with an active breathing coordinator and respiratory gating system coordinator (ABC/RGSC) and with radiofrequency tracking (Calypso / RayPilot) 
  • stereotactic radiation therapy to the head and body (SRS/SBRT), with the possibility of using flattening filter free (FFF) technology 
  • full body and full skin radiation therapy 
  • high dose rate internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy) in tissues or body cavities (e.g. gynecological sites, prostate, liver metastases) 
  • low dose rate internal radiation therapy for the eye, cooperating with the Eye Clinic 
  • internal radiation therapy using drugs labeled with radionuclides at the radionuclide therapy unit

In some cases, radiation therapy can be used in combination with cytotoxic drug treatment or targeted drug therapy. The side effects of the treatment you receive depend on the treatment site and are minimized with individually designed treatment. 

We always plan radiation therapy individually.

Our planning for your radiation therapy normally proceeds as follows: 

  • physician consultation 
  • radiation therapy mold or mask fitting (depending on treatment site) 
  • computer tomography or MRI and possibly other exploratory imaging to establish the target area and direct the treatment 
  • planning of the radiation therapy dose and schedule 


Molecular Radiotherapy Unit, Comprehensive Cancer Center

In the Molecular Radiotherapy Unit of the Department of Oncology, we provide intracorporeal targeted radiotherapy.