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  • psychosis

We examine and treat patients with psychosis disorders.

In the psychosis division, we examine and treat you if you are suspected of having psychosis or a psychosis disorder. 

Psychosis is a common name for disorders in which a person's sense of reality is distorted. In other words, a person has trouble distinguishing between what is real and what is not. In a psychosis, you cannot think clearly. You might cry or talk incoherently. You may have hallucinations and you can hear sounds that seem realistic to you, for example. You may also have delusions and may, for example, imagine being persecuted or having abnormal abilities.


Ward P1, Peijas Hospital

Peijas Hospital’s Ward P1 is a closed ward where we treat psychosis patients.

Ward P1, Jorvi Hospital

Jorvi Hospital Ward P1 is a closed psychiatric rehabilitation ward.

Ward P4, Jorvi Hospital

On Jorvi Hospital’s Ward P4, we specialize in the treatment of psychosis.

Psychosis Outpatient Clinic, Tikkurila and Kerava

At the Tikkurila Psychosis Outpatient Clinic, we treat psychosis patients.


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