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The Psychiatry Department examines and treats patients with mental health disorders.

The most common reasons for being referred to psychiatric specialist medical care are various life crises, psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia), severe and prolonged depression, severe personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, and attempted suicide. For treatment at this unit, you will always need a referral from a physician, such as a health center physician.

Examination and treatment of mental health disorders is generally performed as outpatient care or short-term inpatient care. Most of our treatments are given as outpatient care at psychiatry outpatient clinics.

Your treatment will be based on a treatment plan drawn up jointly with you and, if necessary, with your family members. In your treatment, we use and apply research based and evidence based treatment methods.

HUS offers regional psychiatric outpatient care and hospital care services for the entire Uusimaa region except for Helsinki. We also offer centralized services such as online therapy and treatment of patients with eating disorders.

In Helsinki, treatment for patients aged 18 and above is provided by City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care.



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