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Pediatric urology

  • pediatric urology

Pediatric urology functions at HUS are managed centrally at the New Children’s Hospital.  

Lasten urologia

Pediatric urology is about examining and treating congenital structural defects in the urinary and reproductive systems, and tumors, injuries, severe infections, and other problems requiring surgery, in the urinary and reproductive systems. We also treat urinary and reproductive dysfunctions, especially in connection with neurological disorders such as congenital structural anomalies of the spinal cord. In some cases, we treat functional disorders such as bedwetting, which occurs even in children who are otherwise basically healthy. 

We treat patients diagnosed with anomalies in the urinary tract in fetal screening, such as hydronephrosis, and patients with structural anomalies in the genitals, such as a penile ventral fistula or an undescended testicle. 

Our most demanding cases in pediatric urology include congenital defects in the kidneys, bladder or penis; disorders of sex development; neurogenic urinary disorders due to congenital spinal cord defects; and tumor operations. 

We also perform emergency outpatient procedures for acute urinary tract obstructions, severe congenital urinary tract obstructions, severe urinary tract infections, and injuries to the urinary tract or genitalia. 

We perform pediatric urology procedures by open surgery and by keyhole surgery. We have also introduced robot-assisted surgery. We monitor patient recovery after procedures.


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