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Pediatric neurosurgery

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Our pediatric neurosurgeons operate on some 200 child patients per year. We work closely with New Children’s Hospital, which is where inpatient care is given.

Neurokirurgi Atte Karppinen leikkaa lapsen epilepsiapesäkkeen Uudessa lastensairaalassa.

The most common type of pediatric neurosurgical procedure is corrective surgery for buildup of fluid in the brain, or hydrocephalus. These procedures are principally performed as keyhole surgery. A shunt operation, where a flexible tube is inserted to regulate pressure between the cranial chamber and the peritoneal cavity, is only performed when absolutely necessary.

One of our particular areas of expertise is children’s epilepsy surgery, for which we have nationwide exclusive responsibility. Our epilepsy surgery team examines, evaluates and plans surgical treatment options for children with severe epilepsy. For most of the children operated on for epilepsy at HUS, seizures are completely eliminated.

Our unit also has nationwide responsibility for surgical treatment of craniocynostosis, with pediatric neurosurgeons collaborating with plastic surgeons.

Children’s neurosurgery includes surgical treatment of brain tumors and cerebral vascular malformations. We also treat rare children’s neurosurgical disorders such as spina bifida (myelomeningocele and lipomyelomeningocele) and their postoperative sequelae (tethered cord).


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