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Pediatric and Adolescent Emergency Departments

  • Pediatric Emergency Department

At our Pediatric Outpatient Clinics, we deal with sudden illnesses and injuries in children and adolescents aged under 16, as well as issues associated with mental health problems requiring urgent treatment.

Lasten ja nuorten päivystys

The emergency departments will only treat patients in need of very urgent care during the nurses unions’ strike. Crowding is to be expected.

The call-back service of the Uusimaa Medical Helpline 116117 will not be available. In emergencies, go to an emergency department directly.

During office hours, seek help from your local health center.

In life-threatening situations, call the emergency number 112. Do not call the emergency number otherwise.


The most common symptoms that you should always have looked at in an emergency clinic: 

  • fever in a newborn 
  • convulsive child 
  • major injuries and bone fractures 
  • sudden severe headache 
  • difficulty breathing 
  • sudden onset of severe or worsening abdominal pain 
  • heavy bleeding
  • mental health problems requiring urgent treatment 
  • chest pain 
  • stroke symptoms, such as sudden flaccidity or incapacity of a limb or speech difficulties 

At the hospital emergency clinic, we always assess the need and urgency for treatment first. Based on this, you will be referred to a nurse or physician. Patients are treated in the order of urgency, not in the order of arrival. Therefore, a patient who has arrived after you may be admitted for treatment before you. 


Pediatric Emergency Clinic, Jorvi Hospital

At the Pediatric Emergency Clinic at Jorvi Hospital, we treat patients under the age of 16.

Pediatric Emergency Department, New Children's Hospital

At the Pediatric Emergency Department of New Children's Hospital, we treat patients under the age of 16 from all specialty fields.

Emergency Clinic, Porvoo Hospital

At the Emergency Clinic at Porvoo Hospital, we treat patients with sudden, severe illness requiring urgent treatment.

Pediatric Emergency Department, Hyvinkää Hospital

At the Pediatric Emergency Department at Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat patients aged 0–15.


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