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Pain management

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At HUS, we treat both acute and long-term pain.

Potilas lääkärin vastaanotolla Kipuklinikalla

Acute pain is a very common symptom in connection with various diseases, injuries, and surgical procedures. The basic responsibility for your pain management lies with the physician in charge of your treatment. 

In most of our hospitals, where surgical procedures are performed, our inpatient ward personnel are supported by a consulting Acute Pain Service (APS) team proficient in the management of acute postoperative pain.  
Primary healthcare is principally in charge of treating patients with long-term pain. In the Uusimaa region, the multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain has been centralized in our HUS Pain Clinic. Pain patients in the Hyvinkää Hospital Area are treated at the Pain Outpatient Clinic of Hyvinkää Hospital. A physician's referral is required for treatment. In general, it is best that the referral is made by a physician who knows your situation well. Please note that the Pain Clinic and the Hyvinkää Pain Outpatient Clinic do not provide any emergency services.

The most common patient groups in our Pain Clinic are patients suffering from various back pains, neuropathic pains, and posttraumatic pains as well as cancer pains. Referrals for patients with chronic pain are processed centrally in accordance with uniform criteria, regardless of the patient's place of residence. 


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