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Organ transplants

  • liver surgery
  • organ transplantation
  • transplantation surgery

All organ transplantations in Finland are performed at HUS. Organ transplantation surgeries for adult patients are performed at Meilahti Tower Hospital and organ transplantation for pediatric patients at New Children's Hospital.



5A Transplantation and liver surgery, pancreatic and gastric surgery, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

The treatment of liver and intestinal transplant patients and patients requiring demanding liver surgery have been nationally centralized on Ward 5A. In…

5B Renal and pancreatic transplants, nephrology, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

The treatment of renal and pancreatic transplant patients and patients undergoing renal transplants from family members have been nationally centralized on…

Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, Meilahti Tower Hospital

In the Surgery and Anesthesia Unit of Meilahti Tower Hospital, we perform surgical procedures in the specialties of gastrointestinal, vascular, cardiac…


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