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Nutritional care

  • nutritional care

With nutritional care, we promote the patient's recovery, quality of life, and good nutritional status. 

Kuvituskuva: leikki-ikäinen lapsi ja äiti ravitsemusterapeutin vastaanotolla

Our clinical dietitians treat patients who need nutritional and dietary guidance related to their illness or its treatment. 

Typical situations when nutritional care is needed include:

  • Involuntary weight loss associated with an illness
  • Growth delay in children
  • Various eating difficulties, such as difficulty swallowing 
  • Eating by mouth is not possible at all 
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Treatment of the disease requires a specific diet or changes in the choice of food.

Nutritional care also includes the nutritional guidance related to the promotion of health and prevention of illnesses. 

Clinical dietitian’s services are available throughout the Uusimaa region in all specialties. Meeting a clinical dietitian can occur during the inpatient care period or as an outpatient service. Our clinical dietitians receive patients whose care belongs to the responsibilities of HUS and a HUS physician has assessed the need for nutritional care. A physician at a health center or occupational health care provider or a private physician cannot refer a patient to a HUS clinical dietitian. 

A clinical dietitian is a certified health care professional with a master's degree.

Practical instructions on nutritional care


Clinical Dietitian, Porvoo Hospital

The clinical dietitian at Porvoo Hospital will help you when you need nutritional care or guidance.

Clinical dietitians, New Children’s Hospital

In the nutritional care offered by New Children’s Hospital, we provide dietary guidance, which includes nutritional assessment and the evaluation of food…

Clinical dietitians, Hyvinkää Hospital

An appointment with a clinical dietitian at Hyvinkää Hospital requires a referral from the treating physician.

Clinical Dietitian, Raseborg Hospital

An appointment with a clinical dietitian at Raseborg Hospital requires a referral from the treating physician.


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