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Neonatal care

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We provide care for newborn infants at all HUS maternity hospitals.

Vastasyntyneiden hoito

Each of our maternity hospitals has a neonatal ward, and a pediatric ward or a monitoring unit. Newborn infants are also cared for on the Neonatal Intensive Care Ward Saari at the Women’s Hospital, on the neonatal ward at Jorvi Hospital, and on the wards of the New Children’s Hospital.  
The majority of childbirths are problem-free, and newborn infants spend their first few days with their mother on the maternity ward. About 10% of newborn infants require treatment on the neonatal ward, and 4% require intensive care.   
Neonatal inpatient care or intensive care may be required because of premature birth, breathing difficulties, infections, various birth defects, complications during birth, or problems due to the mother’s condition.  
Our ward personnel are there to support you as parents in caring for your baby. We advise you how to care for and get to know your new child. Even in neonatal intensive care, you can participate in the care of your child from the very first moments. After intensive care, our patients are transferred to their local hospital for further care.  

Treatment periods on our wards vary according to the infant’s situation, from a few days to several weeks, and even up to months if necessary. 


Neonatal Ward L2A and L2B, Jorvi Hospital

On Jorvi Hospital’s neonatal ward, we treat premature babies and infants.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Saari, Women's Hospital

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Saari at Women's Hospital, we treat premature babies and full-term infants in need of intensive care.

Neonatal Monitoring Ward – Vaava, Lohja Hospital

The Neonatal Monitoring Ward at Lohja Hospital is a small unit located in connection with the delivery rooms and the Maternity Ward.

Neonatal Follow-up Outpatient Clinic, Women's Hospital

In the Neonatal Follow-up Outpatient Clinic at Women's Hospital, we treat children under the age of one.


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