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Musculoskeletal Surgery

  • musculoskeletal and plastic surgery
  • hand surgery
  • orthopedics

We treat musculoskeletal disorders; our specialties are orthopedic surgery, traumatology, and hand surgery. We operate at Töölö, Jorvi, Peijas, and Herttoniemi Hospitals.

Hoitaja ja potilas.

Our Artificial Joint Centre is at Peijas Hospital. Most of the surgical procedures we perform are for treating arthritis in the pelvis or the knee.

The majority of our patients come from the Helsinki metropolitan area. We also receive patients from elsewhere in Finland in cases of diseases and injuries requiring special expertise, such as severe pelvic and hand injuries.


Ambulatory anesthesia and surgery unit, Herttoniemi Hospital

In Herttoniemi Hospital's Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, we perform procedures as day surgery. We treat patients in hand surgery and orthopedics.

Day Surgery Unit (PÄIKI), Lohja Hospital

In the Day Surgery Unit in Lohja Hospital, we perform ambulatory surgeries.

Emergency Department, Töölö Hospital

At the Emergency Department in Töölö Hospital, we take care of accident patients 24 hours a day.

Emergency Ward 10, Töölö Hospital

On Töölö Hospital's Emergency ward 10, we take care of patients arriving from the Emergency Department or outpatient clinics, or patients being admitted…


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