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Measuring and examining vital functions

  • clinical physiology
  • ECG
  • exercise test

We perform measurements and examinations of vital signs at the clinical physiology units at our various hospitals. 

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Physiological measurements are for examining a person’s vital functions, how they are regulated and what abnormalities there may be. Clinical physiology involves performing a variety of measurements, brief examinations and long-term registrations.

Our examinations allow us to study common chronic diseases such as asthma and coronary disease. Measurements and examinations of vital functions are also used for diagnosing and monitoring many less common disorders and for evaluating the efficacy of their treatment. 

Our examinations include: 

  • cardiac examinations, 
  • stress tests,
  • peripheral circulation examinations, 
  • respiratory physiology examinations and
  • digestive tract examinations.


Clinical physiology and nuclear medicine, Jorvi Hospital

At Jorvi Hospital, we conduct clinical physiology and nuclear medicine examinations by appointment.

Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, South Karelia Central Hospital

At South Karelia Central Hospital, we perform examinations in clinical physiology and nuclear medicine by appointment. The unit is located in Wing B of…

Clinical Physiology Unit, Skin and Allergy Hospital

In the Clinical Physiology Unit at the Skin and Allergy Hospital, we conduct pulmonary function tests and exercise stress tests on children and adults.

Clinical physiology, Hyvinkää Hospital

At Hyvinkää Hospital, we conduct clinical physiology examinations by appointment.


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