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Lung, mediastinum and esophagus surgery

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  • pulmonary surgery

In our lung, mediastinum, and esophagus surgery unit, we treat and examine all benign and malignant surgically treatable diseases of the organs in the thoracic cavity, excluding cardiac diseases.

Lääkäri tekee ultraäänitutkimusta potilaalle.

In HUS, the diagnostic examinations and procedures for lung, mediastinum and esophagus surgery in adult patients have been concentrated at Meilahti Tower Hospital. 

As emergency care, we treat cases of purulent pleurisy, acute respiratory obstruction, and stenosis, stricture and perforation of the esophagus.  

In addition to traditional surgical methods, we also use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the field, such as endoscopy and robot-assisted surgery. The new methods allow for faster recovery after surgery, less post-operative pain, and shorter sick leave periods.  

We are a leading national actor and developer in the field of lung, mediastinum, and esophagus surgery. We perform approximately 1,000 lung, mediastinum, and esophagus surgery procedures each year. Our experience in endoscopic surgery inside the thoracic cavity is among the best in Europe.   

We also have modern, symptomatic treatment methods for alleviating the patient's symptoms and improving their quality of life, for example, in situations where surgical treatment is not an option.


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