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Liver surgery

  • liver surgery
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In the liver surgery unit, we treat liver and bile duct carcinoma, as well as complications of cirrhosis of the liver, such as buildup of fluid in the abdominal cavity unresponsive to medication, or recurrent bleeding.

Demanding liver surgery is linked in many ways to liver transplantation, comprehensive treatment of liver diseases, and related development work.

We primarily aim to treat using partial removal procedures, i.e. hepatic resections, if possible. We can perform hepatic resections as an open surgery or by utilizing laparoscopic techniques.

Other treatments used include liver transplantation, local tumor destruction (thermal ablation) or interventional radiology treatments, where an anticancer medicine (transarterial chemoembolization, TACE) or a radioactive substance (SIR therapy) is injected into the tumor via the hepatic artery. We can also combine different treatment forms.


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