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Joint replacement surgery

  • orthopedics
  • traumatology
  • artificial joint

Osteoarthritis is the main reason behind joint replacement surgery. We perform the majority of artificial joint surgeries on the hip and knee joints, but we can also use artificial joints to replace the joints damaged by osteoarthritis in other smaller joints, such as the shoulder, elbow and ankle.

We consider joint replacement surgery to treat osteoarthritis when the symptoms and findings of osteoarthritis have advanced far and osteoarthritis is causing you significant disability in your everyday life, and no other treatment, usually pain medication and rehabilitation, has not provided adequate help in the situation.

The aim of joint replacement surgery is to relieve pain and improve mobility. The primary goal is to make it easier for you to cope in everyday life. Successful joint replacement surgery results in a more painless joint with sufficient range of motion. Your own activity is crucial in achieving a good result.

Joint replacement surgery in HUS

We perform joint replacement surgery at the Joint Replacement Center at Peijas Hospital, where  joint replacement surgery is concentrated in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Elsewhere in the Uusimaa region, joint replacement surgery is carried out at HUS hospitals in Raseborg, Lohja, Hyvinkää, and Porvoo. As a rule, reoperations have been centralized at the Joint Replacement Center in Helsinki University Hospital.



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