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Intensive care

  • perioperative, intensive care and pain medicine
  • intensive care
  • intensive care unit

In intensive care, we monitor, maintain and support the vital functions of a patient who is severely ill or injured.


After some major surgical procedures, patients are transferred to intensive care as planned.

The methods of intensive care are sometimes tough. We only initiate intensive care when we estimate that the patient's life-threatening condition is transient and that, after pulling through, they have a possibility to live high quality life. 

Our intensive care is implemented in cooperation with intensive care specialists and nurses who have been specially trained. A number of professionals in various specialties are also involved in the treatment of patients receiving intensive care.



Meilahti Intensive Care Unit, Meilahti Tower Hospital

We treat critically ill patients at Meilahti Hospital's Intensive Care Unit. The unit provides, among other things, demanding respiratory and circulatory…

Intensive Care and Intermediate Care Unit, Töölö Hospital

At the Intensive Care Unit at Töölö Hospital, we treat accident victims in critical condition who require enhanced care or monitoring. Most of our patients…

Ward U2 - Intensive Care and Burn Center, Jorvi Hospital

Ward U2 has a national responsibility for the treatment of demanding burn injuries requiring intensive care.

Intermediate Care, Hyvinkää Hospital

In Hyvinkää Hospital Intermediate Care, we treat adult patients who have developed severe, but transient failures in their vital processes as a consequence…


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