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Hospital chaplains at HUS hospitals

A hospital chaplain can provide psychological and spiritual support for you and your family members.

Falling ill, being hospitalized and the related life changes foster insecurity and fear. In crisis situations, you can talk to a hospital chaplain.

Hospital chaplains are experts in spiritual matters who are available to everyone at a hospital, whether patients, family members or staff members, irrespective of their faith or world view. You can contact a hospital chaplain whenever you need someone to talk to.

You may also get in touch when:

  • you face difficult questions and decisions,
  • you wish to meditate, pray or take communion,
  • you need to have a baptism, marriage or funeral officiated at a hospital,
  • you wish to say goodbye to a deceased person, or
  • you wish to contact someone from your religious community.

Hospital chaplains are employees of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland and are bound by confidentiality by virtue of their office. As members of our care teams, they support our personnel in their demanding work.

For more information, contact our nursing staff and see our bulletin boards. Contact information for hospital chaplains can be found on parish websites.