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  • hematology
  • coagulation disorders
  • cancers

Hematologists examine and treat blood disorders.

Tutkija näyteputken kanssa.

These disorders may affect blood cells or blood plasma. Changes in the blood count do not directly indicate which blood disorder you have. Because of this, we perform thorough examinations, often also taking bone marrow samples. We have the samples tested at laboratories specializing in blood disorder diagnostics so that the diagnosis can be quickly and accurately made and treatment begun. Treatments for malignant blood disorders have improved remarkably in recent years, and today most disorders can be cured with chemotherapy or a stem cell transplantation. 

Blood plasma changes may lead to blood coagulation problems. Weakened blood coagulation (hemophilia) may lead to bleeding disorders, and excessive coagulation (thrombophilia) presents a risk of thrombosis, or blood clots. The diagnostics and care of these coagulation disorders require special expertise. Such disorders may be hereditary, and therefore examining and advising your family members forms an important part of the treatment.

The Coagulation Disorder Unit at the Triangle Hospital specializes in treating hemophilia and thrombophilia. Our treatments are based on international research findings and recommendations. 


Hematology Outpatient Clinic, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

Our Hematology Outpatient Clinic at Meilahti Triangle Hospital is available on referral and by appointment only.

Ward 7B Hematology, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

On Ward 7B at Meilahti Triangle Hospital, we treat patients with malignant hematological diseases. Main diagnoses include acute and chronic leukemias…

Ward 7A Hematology, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

Ward 7A for hematology is located at Meilahti Triangle Hospital. Patients referred for treatment on our ward are usually adult patients who have fallen ill…

Hematology Outpatient Clinic, Lohja Hospital

At the Hematology Outpatient Clinic at Lohja Hospital, we treat indolent lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative diseases.