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Hand Surgery

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Hand surgery is about examining and treating disorders and injuries to the hand, and in some cases to the entire upper limb, requiring surgical treatment.

We treat various stress injuries, bone erosion, nerve compression, arthritis, tendonitis, cuts and fractures in the hands, traumatically severed limbs or parts of limbs, and corrections to their postoperative sequelae.

Typical cases treated in outpatient care include wrist fractures and tendon injuries caused by cuts. Our more demanding procedures include the reattaching of severed limbs or parts of limbs and treatment of severe neurological damage, such as upper limb surgery on quadriplegic patients.

We perform upper limb surgery on adult patients at Töölö, Herttoniemi and Hyvinkää hospitals. Pediatric hand surgery, for instance to correct congenital malformations, is performed at the New Children's Hospital.

The most demanding hand surgery on a national scale is centrally managed at Töölö Hospital, which is also where all emergency hand surgery for the Uusimaa region is performed. Among the patients treated at Töölö Hospital are quadriplegic patients with severe upper limb injuries.


Hand Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

In the outpatient clinic for hand surgery at Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat injuries and diseases in the wrist and hand area.

Surgery and Anesthesia Unit for Orthopedics, Töölö Hospital

In the Surgery and Anesthesia Unit for Orthopedics at Töölö Hospital, we treat musculoskeletal injuries requiring surgical treatment.

Surgical Procedure Clinic, Raseborg Hospital

At Raseborg Hospital’s Surgical Procedure Clinic, we perform surgical procedures under local anesthesia.


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