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Gynecological treatments

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In our gynecological units, the most common problems we treat are menstrual disorders, gynecological causes of abdominal pain, tissue and cell changes, prolapses, urinary incontinence, and matters associated with family planning.

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The most common gynecological surgical procedures are hysterectomies, prolapse and urinary incontinence surgeries, and procedures related to changes in the uterus and ovaries. The most demanding procedures are cancer and endometriosis surgeries.

We treat gynecological diseases in Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Lohja, Raseborg, and Porvoo. In Helsinki, we carry out all infertility treatments, surgery and drug treatments for gynecological cancer, the most demanding gynecological surgeries, treatments for the most severe hormone disorders, and abortions due to the condition of the fetus.

In gynecological emergency services, we treat, for example, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, profuse bleeding or pain in early pregnancy, and complications after gynecological surgery.


Emergency Department, Women's Hospital

In the Emergency Department of the Women's Hospital, we treat women who are pregnant, have just given birth or have a gynecological problem and are in need…

Gynecological Outpatient Clinic, Ruoholahti

The Ruoholahti Gynecological Outpatient Clinic provides general gynecological appointments and a colposcopy unit. We also perform abortions and conduct…

Gynecological Emergency Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

In the Gynecological Emergency Clinic of Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat gynecological and pregnant patients in need of urgent care.

Gynecological Outpatient Clinic, Women's Hospital

In the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic of Women's Hospital, we treat various gynecological diseases, such as menstrual disturbances, gynecological pains…


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