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Gynecological surgery

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We handle more than 7,000 surgical procedures in the HUS gynecological units every year. We use surgical procedures to help women of different ages in numerous types of gynecological problems.

Kuvituskuva: Sairaanhoitaja taluttaa potilasta leikkaussaliin

At the outpatient clinic, we carefully examine the patient referred for a surgical procedure and provide the patient with the necessary information about the treatment plan and the risks related to the treatment. We always make the decision about a surgical procedure together with the patient, and we choose the surgical method and treatment based on the patient’s individual criteria.

There are several surgical methods: mini-invasive endoscopy, ordinary and robot-assisted laparoscopy, vaginal surgery, and open surgery. In ambulatory surgery, we can often discharge our patient on the same day. Larger surgeries usually require a few days of inpatient care on the ward. Follow-up care and monitoring are always agreed upon separately.

When you arrive for your surgical procedure, you will be met by the nurses and the surgical team in the operating room. We guarantee quality service from your first outpatient visit to the time of discharge.


Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, Womens´s Hospital

In the Women's Hospital Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, we perform gynecological endoscopic and open surgeries, as well as procedures related to miscarriages.

Surgical procedure clinic, Women's Hospital

In the surgical procedure clinic at Women's Hospital, we perform urogynecological procedures, i.e. surgery and procedures related to urinary incontinence…

Emergency Department, Women's Hospital

In the Emergency Department of the Women's Hospital, we treat women who are pregnant, have just given birth or have a gynecological problem and are in need…

Gynecological Outpatient Clinic

At the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic of Lohja Hospital, we carry out gynecological examinations, such as hysteroscopies, colposcopies, and…