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Eye diseases

  • eye diseases
  • eye diseases

At the clinical units for eye diseases, we diagnose and treat eye diseases and determine and correct refractive errors. We treat patients of all ages from newborn premature babies to senior citizens.



We provide outpatient services in different treatment and examination units in eye diseases (ophthalmology), as well as on three inpatient wards, where we treat patients who have undergone surgical or other procedures. Our surgical activity is mainly ambulatory surgery, where you are usually discharged on the day of your procedure. We treat rare eye diseases centrally from all over Finland.

Ophthalmological emergencies

Emergency services for ophthalmological diseases in the Helsinki University Hospital Area are arranged at the Eye and Ear Hospital. As emergencies, we treat, for example, penetrating eye injuries, certain inflammations of the eye, and various visual disturbances.

As a rule, a referral is required for ophthalmic emergency care. Before referring a patient, the physician is advised to consult our physician on duty. A referral is not required for actual emergencies, such as penetrating eye injuries.

Treatment units in HUS

We operate in six physical locations in Uusimaa: In Helsinki, the locations are the Eye and Ear Hospital, Oral and Dental Center, the Orton building in Ruskeasuo, and the Rubik building in Pasila.

Most of the ophthalmology activities occur at the Eye and Ear Hospital. In addition, we have outpatient and surgical activities at the Lohja and Porvoo hospitals.


Corneal and Anterior Segment Surgery Unit, Eye and Ear Hospital

In the Corneal and Anterior Segment Surgery Unit, we examine and treat diseases and injuries of the anterior segment of the eye.

Day Surgery Unit for Eye Diseases, Eye and Ear Hospital

In the Day Surgery Unit for Eye Diseases, we treat adult patients undergoing cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, oculoplasty, anterior segment, and…

Diabetes and vascular occlusion clinic, Ruskeasuo

Our Diabetes and Vascular Occlusion Outpatient Clinic for Eye Diseases is located on Tenholantie in Ruskeasuo. Our clinic is open on weekdays and by…

Emergency Outpatient Clinic for Eye Diseases, Eye and Ear Hospital

At the emergency clinic, we examine and treat patients of all ages who require specialist medical care. Treatment at the clinic requires a physician’s…


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