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Examination and treatment of victims of sexual violence

  • sexual offences

We treat victims of sexual violence over the age of 16 in a comprehensive manner at the Seri Support Center at Women's Hospital which is open 24 hours a day. Victims of sexual violence under the age of 16 are referred to New Children's Hospital. You can seek out for our treatments by yourself, with relatives or under the guidance of a public authority within a month of your traumatic experience.

Kuvituskuva: hoitaja ja potilas Seri-tukikeskuksen ovella

Our service includes forensic sampling, an overall assessment of the situation, psychological support for coping with the first few days and recovering from the traumatic experience, and a follow-up treatment plan. We will also offer information on third-sector actors and provide support for initiating the legal process. We help all genders: women, men, transgender and intersexual people, and other genders.


Seri Support Center for Victims of Sexual Assault

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