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Epilepsy in children

  • pediatric neurology
  • epilepsy
  • New Children’s Hospital

We treat and examine children and adolescents with epilepsy at HUS.

Lasten epilepsia

Epilepsy is not one disease, but a number of different diseases, which have a common tendency to cause epileptic seizures. An epileptic seizure is caused by a sudden, transient electrical disturbance in the cortex of the brain. The location of the disturbance determines what the symptoms of the seizure are like.  

The causes and manifestations of epilepsy are very diverse. Some cases of epilepsy in children and adolescents are benign, either self-limiting or highly manageable with medication. In approximately one fourth of the patients with epilepsy, the disease presents as difficult-to-manage. Associated problems, such as learning difficulties, may also occur with epilepsy. Approximately one child in every 100 children has epilepsy. Some of the epilepsy diseases are among rare diseases. 

If a child is suspected of having epilepsy, he or she is referred to specialist medical care for examination and treatment. In addition to examinations, it is important to obtain accurate information about the seizures from the child him-/herself and from those witnessing the seizures. We treat epilepsy with medication aimed at completely eliminating the seizures. However, this is not always successful. In children with a severe form of epilepsy, a combination of several medications may need to be used and other treatment options, such as dietary therapy, stimulator therapy, and surgical treatment may also be considered. 

We examine and treat children with epilepsy in all the HUS pediatric neurology units. Diagnosis and treatment of severe epilepsy in children and epilepsy surgery have been concentrated in New Children's Hospital.


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