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  • Tulehduskeskus
  • skin diseases

In the specialty of dermatology, we treat malignant skin tumors or their precursors, long-term skin diseases, and difficult-to-manage skin ulcers. Our specialist medical care of skin diseases is centralized in Skin and Allergy Hospital in Meilahti.

Ihotautien tutkiminen.

In dermatology, we treat patients with severe and long-term skin diseases:

  • severe atopic eczema (UV and biological therapies)
  • psoriasis (UV and biological therapies)
  • difficult-to-manage leg ulcers and other wounds
  • autoimmune skin connective tissue disease and blistering disease
  • skin cancers (surgical treatment and photodynamic therapy)
  • skin lymphomas   
  • occupational skin diseases   
  • hereditary skin diseases
  • skin diseases in children 
  • drug reactions.

You will arrive for treatment with us primarily with a referral. Mild forms of ordinary skin diseases such as atopic eczema and psoriasis, as well as conventional bacterial and viral infections of the skin are treated in primary health care.


Dermatology Outpatient Center, Skin and Allergy Hospital

In addition to the initiation and monitoring of biological drug therapies (e.g. intravenous therapies), the treatment of the most difficult atopic and…

Inpatient Ward for Skin Diseases, Skin and Allergy Hospital

On Inpatient Ward 4 of the Skin and Allergy Hospital, we treat severe skin diseases.

Day Ward for Skin Diseases, Skin and Allergy Hospital

On Day Ward 3 for Skin Diseases at the Skin and Allergy Hospital, we examine and treat patients referred to us for demanding dermatological care. Patients…

Dermatology Outpatient Clinic, Skin and Allergy Hospital

At the Dermatology Outpatient Clinic at the Meilahti Skin and Allergy Hospital, we examine, diagnose, and treat dermatologic patients.


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