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Craniocynostosis, meaning the premature ossification of one or more sutures between the bones in the skull during a child’s growth, is one of the most common malformations of the head and face, after cleft lip and palate. Craniocynostosis is treated at Töölö Hospital and at the New Children’s Hospital.

About 50 new cases of craniocynostosis are diagnosed in Finland per year. Craniocynostosis typically affects only one of the sutures in the skull; conditions where several sutures ossify prematurely are rare.

Craniocynostosis results in an abnormal skull shape. Typical features vary depending on which suture is affected. When the ossification of one suture prevents the skull from growing in one area, changes in brain growth occur elsewhere within the skull.

Craniocynostosis may present with brain function disorders. In most cases, craniocynostosis can be diagnosed without an X-ray. An X-ray examination is performed when planning treatment.

We treat skull malformations surgically to correct the shape of the skull and to create space for the brain to grow. An operation like this is a team effort involving plastic surgeons, a pediatric neurosurgeon and an anesthesiologist. After the operation, we monitor the patient’s status at regular appointments up until adulthood if necessary, so that any later disturbances in brain function or growth can be addressed as early as possible.


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