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Colorectal surgery

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Colorectal surgery refers to surgical treatment of diseases of the colon. We perform colorectal surgical procedures in all the HUS gastrointestinal surgery units.

Much of colorectal surgery focuses on the treatment of cancer, but we also treat other diseases of the colon.

Treatment of colorectal cancer in HUS

Colorectal cancers are divided into cancer of the colon and rectum. In Finland, colorectal cancers are the third most common cancer in men and the second most common cancer in women. 

The stage of the colorectal cancer at the time of detection is the factor with the greatest impact on the prognosis of the disease. Surgery is the only curative treatment in a localized disease, and in rectal cancer, the best results have been shown to be achieved in large units with large surgical volumes, where treatment is planned by a multi-professional group and where surgeons have extensive experience in rectal cancer surgery.

Surgical treatment of rectal cancer in HUS hospitals is largely centralized in our colorectal surgery ward (M14) at Meilahti Tower Hospital. In addition, we perform surgeries at Hyvinkää Hospital. At Meilahti Tower Hospital, we also advise, examine, and treat patients with hereditary dispositions.

Treatment of other diseases of the colon in HUS

Prior to potential surgical treatment, the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the colon, i.e. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (colitis ulcerosa), takes place in the gastroenterology unit. Surgical treatment of these diseases is mainly concentrated in our colorectal surgery unit. 

We treat benign colon diseases, such as diverticulosis complications and rectal prolapse, in all the HUS surgical units, but in terms of volume, the largest unit operates at Meilahti Tower Hospital. In the same unit, there is also a center focused on surgical problems in the pelvic floor and on the examination and treatment of proctological (rectal and anal) problems.


Gastrosurgical Ward M14, Meilahti Tower Hospital

On Gastrosurgical Ward M14 of Meilahti Tower Hospital, we treat the most demanding bowel diseases and patients with appendiceal cancer.


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