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Children’s organ transplantations

  • pediatric organ transplantation
  • New Children’s Hospital

The New Children’s Hospital manages all organ transplantations for children in Finland. More than 550 children and adolescents to date have received an organ transplant. 

Lasten elinsiirrot

The indications for organ transplantations in children differ from those in adults. When a transplantation is indicated, it is often because of a congenital structural defect or condition where the need for a transplant becomes evident in the first few months of life. An organ transplantation is the final resort in treating an incurable condition. 
We mainly use organs donated by adults for children’s organ transplantations. This places certain demands on the quality of the transplants, because children are expected to have to live a long life with their replacement organ. 

The long-term survival rates are more than 90% for children’s kidney transplantations and about 70% for children’s heart and liver transplantations. Children and adolescents who have received an organ transplant can largely lead a normal life but will need to take anti-rejection medication and be monitored for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes it is necessary to transplant several organs at once. Examples of this are heart-lung transplantations, liver and kidney transplantations, and liver and bowel transplantations.


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