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Child psychiatric inpatient care

  • child psychiatry

Child psychiatry wards are for treating children when they need examinations or therapy more intense than can be provided in outpatient care.

It is particularly important for us to consider the child’s own views. Our aim is to reinforce the child’s functional capacity and interactive skills. We help children to learn various skills up to an age-appropriate level, to analyze their experiences, and to deal with difficult things and feelings.  

We make therapeutic use of everyday situations. Setting clear boundaries, rules, and agreements is an important strategy. Inpatient treatment involves a fixed daily and weekly schedule on the ward. The days include one-on-one sessions and group therapy sessions. The purpose of the fixed schedule is to reinforce a sense of security and to support the child’s behavior in various situations. During inpatient treatment, children spend their nights on the ward as agreed. 

Child psychiatry is a family-oriented process. Parents are an indispensable part of a child’s treatment. We plan treatment together with the family, taking the child’s individual needs into account. We help parents support their child’s growth and development. The family can participate in the treatment on the ward and at separate family meetings. We plan home leave for the children on a case-by-case basis. 

We work with schools and daycare. During a treatment period, the child may attend the hospital school or his/her own school.  

We work with parents to plan further treatment that supports the child’s continuing growth and development. Representatives of the school and of social services can also participate in the planning. 


Child Psychiatric Day Ward, Töölö

On the Child Psychiatric Day Ward, we treat children aged 6–12 years. Children arrive for day-ward treatment periods mainly due to anxiety or depression.

Child Psychiatric Acute Ward, Töölö

On the Child Psychiatric Acute Ward, we assess and treat children under the age of 13 who are in need of urgent inpatient care.

Child Psychiatric Ward, Töölö

On the Child Psychiatric Ward, we provide treatment for children who are in need of more intensive child psychiatric care and examinations in addition to…


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