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Cervical cancer screening

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We invite women aged 25 to 65 to cervical cancer screening free of charge every five years.


The purpose of cervical cancer screening is the early detection and treatment of cervical pre-cancers. This will prevent the growth of actual cervical cancer.

The screening is free of charge. For women aged 30 or above, it is performed with an HPV test; for women under 30, it is performed with a Pap smear test. 

Municipalities are required by law to organize cervical cancer screening for their residents. 

We provide cervical cancer screening in the Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso and South Karelian regions.

For more information about the South Karelian screening program, please visit the Eksote website: Eksote: Mass screening


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You must book an appointment to visit the sampling point at the Askola health center.

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