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Care pathway for a skin cancer patient

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​Welcome to the care pathway for a skin cancer patient. On this website, we explain to you step by step how your examinations and treatment will proceed.

Hoitaja katsoo potilaan ihoa.

At HUS, the treatment of demanding types of skin cancer requiring sentinel node examination or special expertise due to the size or complicated location of the tumor is centrally managed at the plastic surgery units. We always plan your treatment individually.

Mole change

A changed or otherwise suspicious mole or skin change can be removed for examination at a health center, in occupational health care or at a private medical center.

Referral to HUS

When your skin cancer referral arrives at HUS, it will be forwarded to the dermatology unit or the plastic surgery unit.

Appointment with a physician

At the outpatient appointment, you will be examined by a physician. The examination includes a visual inspection of all of your skin and palpation of your lymph node regions.  

Surgery and inpatient care

A skin cancer operation may be performed as ambulatory surgery, meaning that you will be discharged on the same day, or via inpatient care, meaning that your discharge will depend on the type of operation and your general condition.

Monitoring planning

Monitoring planning will be based on the classification of the original tumor, any additional surgery performed and the tissue samples taken, and any other examinations and procedures performed.


Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Töölö Hospital

At the Surgery Outpatient Clinic at Töölö Hospital, we treat surgical patients by appointment.

Ward 3 (Plastic surgery), Park Hospital

On Ward 3 in Töölö Hospital, we treat adult patients requiring special expertise in plastic surgery.

Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Jorvi Hospital

The Jorvi Surgery Outpatient Clinic serves as an appointment clinic, where patients arrive on the basis of a referral for assessment of a need for surgical…

Ward K3, Jorvi Hospital

On Jorvi Hospital’s Ward K3, we treat adult patients in plastic surgery.


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