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Care pathway for a bowel cancer patient

  • rectal cancer
  • colon cancer
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​Welcome to the care pathway for a bowel cancer patient. On this website, we explain to you step by step how your examinations and treatment will proceed.

Potilas juttelee hoitajan ja lääkärin kanssa.

Treatment planning for colon cancer

Surgical treatment for colon cancer

Treatment planning for rectal cancer

Surgical treatment for rectal cancer

Radiation therapy for rectal cancer

Chemotherapy (cytostatic therapy)

Palliative care


Metastasized bowel cancer


Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Jorvi Hospital

The Jorvi Surgery Outpatient Clinic serves as an appointment clinic, where patients arrive on the basis of a referral for assessment of a need for surgical…

Ward K6 (gastrointestinal surgery), Jorvi Hospital

On Jorvi Hospital’s Ward K6, we treat gastrointestinal surgery patients.

Ward K7 (gastrointestinal surgery), Jorvi Hospital

On Jorvi Hospital’s Ward K7, we treat gastrointestinal surgery patients

Gastrosurgical Ward M14, Meilahti Tower Hospital

On Gastrosurgical Ward M14 of Meilahti Tower Hospital, we treat the most demanding bowel diseases and patients with appendiceal cancer.


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