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Care pathway for an artificial joint replacement patient

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  • Artificial joint replacement patient
  • Care pathway for an artificial joint replacement patient

Artificial joint surgery includes hip, knee, and other joint replacements. In the Helsinki University Hospital area, these are centrally managed at Peijas Hospital. This website describes the care pathway.

Hoitaja juttelee potilaan kanssa sairaalan käytävällä.

Diagnosing symptomatic osteoarthritis

You may request a referral to the Helsinki University Hospital Joint Replacement Center from a health center physician, an occupational health care physician, or a physician in private practice if you are diagnosed with symptomatic osteoarthritis.

Appointment at the outpatient clinic

You will be invited to an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for a treatment consultation at the Surgery Outpatient Clinic at Peijas Hospital when your referral arrives. Your family members are welcome to attend the meeting too.

Surgery and inpatient care

If you can get mobile soon after the operation, you will have a better chance of a speedy recovery.

Postoperative recovery

Recovery from a hip or knee replacement surgery begins at the hospital, with the assistance of the nursing staff and physiotherapists.


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