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Cardiac surgery

  • cardiac surgery
  • heart diseases
  • heart transplant

In cardiac surgery, we treat cardiac illnesses that require surgery.

Lääkäri ja hoitajat näyttävät potilaalle kuvaa sydämen rakenteesta.

The most common surgeries we perform include coronary artery bypass surgery, various valvular surgeries, aortic repair surgery, and TAVI procedures (a valve procedure performed with a catheter). Our patients come to us for treatment from all over Finland.  

Nationally, we have the responsibility for: 

  • Corrective surgery of congenital heart defects in adults 
  • Implementation of mechanical cardiac assist devices 
  • Heart and lung transplantations.  

In addition to traditional open-heart surgery which requires opening the sternum and use of a heart-lung machine, we also use new minimally invasive techniques and treatment methods. An invasive procedure means a procedure that extends inside the body or is performed as a surgical procedure.  

Keyhole surgeries or catheter procedures performed via blood vessels are less straining than traditional open-heart surgery. Recovery is usually quicker.  


Cardiac Surgery Ward M10, Meilahti Tower Hospital

On the Cardiac Surgery Ward at Meilahti Tower Hospital, we treat patients requiring cardiac surgery or heart-lung transplants.

Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit M2A, Meilahti Tower Hospital

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Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, Meilahti Tower Hospital

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Heart and Lung Center Outpatient Clinic, Meilahti Tower Hospital

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