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Cancer treatment

  • Department of Oncology
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  • Comprehensive Cancer Center

At HUS we treat all types of cancer.

Potilas valmistellaan kuvattavaksi magneettikuvauslaitteella.

At HUS we provide individual cancer treatments whose quality is guaranteed by the high level of expertise of our staff and our state-of-the-art technology. Our oncological expertise is highly valued internationally.


Oncology Ward 7, Comprehensive Cancer Center

On Ward 7 at the Department of Oncology, we primarily treat patients from adolescents to the elderly who have lymphoma, sarcoma, or testicular cancer.

Oncology Ward 8, Comprehensive Cancer Center

On Oncology Ward 8 at the Department of Oncology, we provide cancer treatments for different types of cancer.

Radiation Therapy Ward, Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Radiation Therapy Ward of the Department of Oncology is responsible for all external radiation therapies administered in the Uusimaa region.

Meilahti Hospital radioisotope unit

At Meilahti Hospital, we carry out radioisotope examinations and therapy by appointment.


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