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Bariatric surgery

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Surgical treatment of obesity (bariatric surgery) is part of the overall treatment of obesity. We can consider it for you, if you have participated in a supervised weight management group.

Hoitaja petaa sänkyä.

We will consider a surgical procedure for obesity, if you have participated in a weight management group under the supervision of your local health center, occupational health care, private medical clinic, or specialist medical care and it has not produced sufficient results. Surgical treatment may also be a suitable alternative for you, if you have not lost at least 5% of your starting weight. 

We assess the possibility for bariatric surgery, depending on your place of residence, in the endocrinology outpatient clinics at the Meilahti, Jorvi and Peijas hospitals, and in the internal medicine outpatient clinics of the hospitals of Hyvinkää and Lohja and, in part, also the Porvoo Hospital. 

Go to the Weight Management Hub web pages for more information (in Finnish) on preparing for bariatric surgery, the surgery itself, and life after surgery. 

Bariatric surgery procedures in Uusimaa have been centralized in Jorvi Hospital.


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