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Adolescent psychiatry inpatient care

  • adolescent psychiatry

On the Adolescent Psychiatry wards, we treat young people aged 13 to 17.

The Adolescent Psychiatry wards have 46 beds. We admit patients to inpatient care either on referral or for a preplanned examination and treatment period. To be admitted to inpatient care, you must have either a physician’s referral for voluntary treatment or an M1 referral for involuntary treatment.

Our wards are at the Helsinki Psychiatry Center.



Ward N1, Psychiatry Center

Psychiatry Center’s Ward N1 is an acute emergency admission ward for adolescent psychiatry, where patients are admitted for treatment on a physician's…

Ward N2, Psychiatry Center

Ward N2 at the Psychiatry Center is an acute emergency ward for adolescent psychiatry.

Ward N3, Psychiatry Center

Ward N3 at the Psychiatry Center is a closed ward for adolescent psychiatry.

Ward N4, Psychiatry Center

Ward N4 at the Psychiatry Center is a psychiatric examination and treatment ward for early adolescents of 13–15 years of age.


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