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Acute Psychiatric Outpatient Services in Hyvinkää area

In Acute Psychiatric Outpatient Services, we provide appropriate acute care or assessment of the need for treatment.


Our objectives are to reduce delays in initiating psychiatric treatment and to support other activities in the area (psychiatry outpatient clinics and the psychiatric ward). We work in close cooperation with the Keusote health centers and the units for mental health and substance abuse.



Acute Clinic, Järvenpää

The Acute Clinic is an appointment only outpatient clinic, offering psychiatric outpatient treatment during an acute phase for the area’s patients…

Enhanced Outpatient Care Unit, Hyvinkää Hospital

The Enhanced Outpatient Care Unit provides urgent care in the Hyvinkää region.

General Hospital Psychiatry, Hyvinkää Hospital

The General Hospital Psychiatry unit provides services for the somatic wards and outpatient clinics at Hyvinkää Hospital for patients aged 18 or over on a…