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If you wish to terminate your pregnancy, Finnish law stipulates that you will need the consent of one or two physicians or a permission from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira), depending on the situation. For an abortion, you will need an AB 1 form issued by a physician at your health center, occupational or student health care, or a private health center. The form also serves as a hospital referral. After receiving the form, you can contact the gynecological outpatient clinic in your area. 

Kuvituskuva: tuntematon naispotilas ja lääkäri vastaanotolla

If your pregnancy has lasted more than 12 weeks, you must apply for permission to terminate your pregnancy from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). The necessary documents are filled in either with the referring physician or at the Gynecological Outpatient Clinic. Once permission has been obtained, the abortion may be initiated.

We can terminate a pregnancy either by performing a medical abortion or a curettage of the uterus when the duration of the pregnancy is less than 12 weeks. In any later terminations of pregnancy, we mainly use a medical abortion. At present, nearly 90% of terminations are completed by performing a medical abortion. If we end up terminating your pregnancy using vacuum aspiration, we will perform the curettage procedure in an operating room or a day surgery unit under general anesthesia.


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