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Instructions on arriving for treatment at HUS

You will always need a referral from your physician for treatment at a HUS hospital when your treatment is not urgent. Your treating physician will deliver the referral directly to the HUS physician, who will assess the referrals in the order of arrival, and place them in an order of urgency on the basis of medical grounds. You will either receive an invitation or other further instructions within three weeks of receipt of the referral. 

Those requiring urgent treatment can come to the hospital’s emergency department without a referral.

People from outside the HUS region will receive urgent care in all the HUS emergency departments. Treatment will then be continued at the specialist medical care services of the patient’s place of residence or at the specialist medical care services selected together with the referring physician.  

We will always provide treatment for a foreign patient in need of urgent care. His or her country of residence will be liable for the medical care and its costs.

More information on the treatment of foreigners in Finland.

When you need non-urgent care, you have the freedom to choose your health center and provider of specialist medical care from among the public health care providers. You can make your choice by delivering a written notification to the health center of the municipality of residence responsible for your care and to the health center of the selected municipality. The freedom of choice does not apply to emergency services, long-term institutional care, or school and student health care.

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