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How to get help

This page contains information for situations where you need urgent help, such as contact information for the Medical Helpline, the Poison Information Center and Medicine safety information for mothers. You can also find information on the support available to you during treatment.

Call the Medical Helpline's toll-free number 116117 before seeking medical attention from the HUS emergency clinics.

Medical Helpline

The Seri Support Center at Women's Hospital is a support unit for people who have experienced sexual violence.

Seri Support Center

In Seri Support Center we offer a low-threshold service for people over 16 years of age, regardless of gender, who have experienced sexual violence.

Poison information center

We provide information on medications and other external factors that have an adverse impact on fertility, pregnancy and fetal development.

Medicine safety information for mothers

We also advise you on all medication issues during breastfeeding. You can contact us when you are only just planning the pregnancy.